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    13 Apr, 2022
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    The purchase invoice takes the goods received from the supplier into the warehouse. The purchase invoice can be created either from a previous purchase order or from scratch as a standalone document.
    Creating a Purchase-Invoice from Purchase-Orders is possible by selecting a Recive PO from the 'More' options on the Purchase Order.

    Or when you open a Purchase-Order there is a Receive PO button in the lower right corner.

    If you want to create a Purchase-Invoice for several Purchase-Orders, this is possible by checking the desired Purchase-Orders and selecting 'Receive purchase orders' at the bottom right.

    Creating a new Purchase-Invoice

    By adding a new Purchase-Invoice, or by compiling it from previous Purchase-Orders, changes can be made before confirmation.

    If less goods arrive then on the original Purchase-Order, it is possible to change the quantity on the Purchase-Invoice. If additional goods arrive they can be added to the Purchase-Invoice before confirmation. You can also change the purchase prices and discount percentages. If additional information has been added to the Purchase-Order, such as additional costs, customer information, etc., it will also be transferred to the Purchase-Invoice. However, only when creating Purchase-Invoice from one Purchase-Order. If you want to add several Purchase-Orders to the Purchase-Invoice, then the previous additional information will not be transferred. The reason is the difference in additional costs, different customer information, etc. But all this information can also be added to the Purchase-Invoice.

    When preparing the Purchase-Invoice, it is necessary to enter the Invoice Number, the Supplier and the Warehouse where you want the goods to be transferred. When adding products to the document, by typing the product name,then the system provides a selection of products that it finds in the system.

    Once the products have been listed / reviewed, you can proceed to additional information.

    General information will come with Status, Creator and Currency automatically. If desired, you can add a reference number and the project to which the Purchase-Invoice belongs. The Date of inventory transaction entry comes automatically when confirming the purchase invoice, it cannot be changed.

    Supplier information comes automatically if you had selected a Supplier on a Purchase-Order.

    You can add Payment deadline days from the payment information, from which the system calculates the payment due date. You can check the paid box if you prepare the Purchase-Invoice afterwards and it has already been paid. You can change this checkbox later if you mark the invoice as paid.

    Additional costs are, for example, for transport costs. You can choose how you want to divide the additional cost between the products. Options are by amounts, by wholesale price or by weight.

    If necessary, you can also add Notes and Intrastat to the Purchas-Invoice.