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    25 Jan, 2022
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    Glancetron 8035/8036/HP LM940

    How to present data in client screen?

    In order to establish a connection between the PoS and external devices, we have installed Installer app and external device micro service. Now the last step is to edit configuration of the micro service, so it can be sort of a bridge between the all the moving parts. 

    • Make sure that customer display is connected to the computer via one of the USB ports.
    • It is important to know which port the display is connected.
      • To see what port number is used for your customer display on your Windows go to Device Manager and check Ports (COM & LTP ). From there you will be able to see which COM port number is assigned to customer display
    • Now that the COM port which customer display is connected has been established, we can configure the micro service, for that go ahead and navigate to micro service configure page.
    • The default expected configuration is already prefilled, COM port was the only field that was needed to edit on the creation of this example.
    • Scroll down and press "Save" button, which rewrites the configuration file.
    • Test newly added device on your PoS.