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    25 Jan, 2022
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    Secondary screen client display

    The second display can be located near the PoS and connected with a cable. Customer display can be a entirely independed device, like a mobile or tablet that has capability to open a web browser.

    Secondary screen as informative client screen.

    There is a way to set you PoS secondary screen as a interactive client display. The screen is attached to the PoS facing the client. A web application that is showing the client information: 

    • Products or services added to the cart
    • Quantities of those products and services
    • Total cost of the cart

    If your secondary screen supports touch input clients can use the screen to: 

    • Register as clients of your store
    • Give tips to the cashier

    How to set up the client display?

    The setup process is made rather simple and easy to understand. 

    • Go ahead and open Settings-Plugin and search for customer display plugin.


    • Use the checkbox to enable the plugin on your PoS. Now the customer display is enabled on your account.
    • Open customer display configuration by click on the yellow "CONFIGURE PLUGIN" button
    • Click on the "Show pass phrase" button. It exapnds the connection configuration page of the plugin.
    • On the connection configuration page there is a particular field that we are interested to establish connection between the PoS and client display web application.
    • Copy "Name" field
    • Open Customer display web application:
    • Values for other fields:
    • Enter the copied code from connection configuration to "Enter code" field
    • Now you have established connection between the web application and PoS