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    30 Mar, 2022
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      Import of Stock

      The import of stock quantities is ideal to use when you need to take into account many products at once. In order to import Erply system stock quantities, you must first arrange the data for the system and save the table in a CSV or XLSX file. In the import module it is possible to add / update / supplement both standard products and matrix products. In the case of imports of stocks, the quantities of products shall be added to those already in force.

      To import stock quantities, go to PIM → Import Products.

      Click “Update Products”

      Click the folder icon and find the correct file on your computer from which you want to import data. If the table has headings, activate the "File has headers" button and click "Create".

      In the "Type" line it is possible to choose whether these are standard or matrix products.


      Under "Configuration" you can select the product code or ID according to which updates will be made. The next line is the option to either upgrade or upgrade and add products that are not already in the system. In the last line, you must select the warehouse to which you want to import the stock quantities.

      “Mapping” is your next step.  There are mandatory fields that must be filled to import stock quantities: Product code / UPC / EAN code, Inventory Registration Quantity and Inventory Registration Price. Everything else is optional. Be sure to link the columns you want to add to the data. If the system does not bind automatically, the box is "Not Mapped". To link and get the box green, you need to click on the box and select the correct ID. Example: The attribute of the “CODE” line is “Product Code”

      “Inventory registration quantity” corresponds to “Product inventory registration quantity”, etc.
      If you do not mark ‘Product inventory registration Price’ column then the stock levels will be taken with a 0 price

      If the required information is selected, click "Apply and validate configuration".

      After validating, “Confirm and start import” button will turn green and you can confirm your import.

      Import will start after confirming again. 

      With confirmation, a inventory registration is automatically created, which can be seen in Inventory → Inventory Registration.

      At the opening of the inventory registration , it can be seen that 10 products with the code “3” have now been registered and the import of stock quantities was successful.

      Before the import of stock quantities, there were 13 products in the Main Stock. The 10 imported products were added to the previous quantity and now the stock is 23 pieces.